first opened

on October 07, 2016


Cincinnati’s ground breaking new night club. Bask in the sights, music, romance and fine dining of Ohio’s foremost night club.  Fill your senses and rock your world with music, visuals and food. It’s an experience like no other! Located north of the Sharonville Convention Center off I-75, exit 15

We dedicated to providing the most entertaining, safe and enjoyable evening experience for adults.  We are interested in hosting the finest local and national music talents to treat our patrons to unique venues. Our seasonable outdoor dining is tastefully lit by large umbrellas and our secluded indoor dining is designed for romance.  Reservations are suggested.


Evening attire is required so dress your best when you come to the Cove! This includes items like dress shirts, dress slacks, ties, cocktail dresses, etc.

The following are NOT permitted : Shorts, Sandals, Work Boots, T-Shirts or Tank Shirts, Loose Fitting or Baggy Jeans, Athletic Shoes, Athletic Attire, Cutoffs, Hats (fedoras and stylish head wear can be an exception), Jerseys, Overly revealing attire

Cincinnati, OH 45246
11473 Chester Rd.
Phone: 513-283-0643
Fax: 513-283-0646